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Day trip from Šibenik to Dubrovnik


Day trip from Šibenik to Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, a seaport and the centre of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Its total population is 42,615 (census 2011). In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. The prosperity of the city was historically based on maritime trade; as the capital of the maritime Republic of Ragusa, it achieved a high level of development, particularly during the 15th and 16th centuries, as it became notable for its wealth and skilled diplomacy.

Perhaps Dubrovnik is the most spectacular city in Croatia. That is why it`s important to visit it, especially if you find yourself in Croatia. Don`t miss it, because you`ll regret it. In case you`re not sure how to get there or you simply need a ride – please, contact us. Our taxi service is fast, safe and affordable. We will choose the best way to get you to this dream city wherever in Croatia you are. You can be sure we will be there on time. Our taxi drivers have many years of experience driving and transporting tourists all across Croatia. You can be sure you`re in good hands.

Once you get there, Dubrovnik has so much to offer. We recommend you to visit: Walls of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik`s old town, Stradun, Lokrum Island, Mount Srđ, Fort Lovrijenac and, of course, beautiful Lapad. Our taxi driver is there for you if you need any advice about the destination. The traffic in Dubrovnik is sometimes crowded because of the number of tourists during the summer months. In case you need a reset, please considering visit Koločep Island.

Our taxi service can get you to DU the wire too. Incredible fun for all adrenaline junkies. Not feeling brave enough? Okay, maybe tomorrow. Keep in mind our service is there for you wherever you need.


Šibenik is a historic city in Croatia, located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. Šibenik is a political, educational, transport, industrial and tourist center of Šibenik–Knin County and also the third-largest city in the historic region of Dalmatia. It is the oldest native Croatian town on the shores of the sea.

How can we describe Šibenik in one sentence? The city with two UNESCO heritage sites (The Cathedral of St James, and Fortress St Nicholas), Game of Thrones filming locations, beautiful beaches & untouched nature. 

After walking and experiencing the city, you may find yourself hungry. That`s fine. That`s great to be honest, because in Šibenik you can go to Pelegrini – one of the most famous restaurants in this part of Croatia and beyond.

Once you relax from day trip to Dubrovnik you can continue discovering Šibenik. In case you feel like you need to see something else, we will be there for you to make it happen. We are here to organize your transport from one city to another. Of course, we can bring you back later.

Fast but careful – you can call us anytime you like to make a deal about transporting you to your next destination.

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