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Day trip from Šibenik to Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum

The construction of the Sarajevo Tunnel was more than a passage for arms and destruction during the war, it was a tunnel of hope. Over two decades later, bullet holes still inhabit the walls and buildings of Sarajevo. War is still omnipresent and forever lingers in the air as one walks through the Sarajevo and the Tunnel. In 1993 during the Bosnian War, the Bosnian army built the Sarajevo Tunnel also referred as the Tunnel of Hope to deliver food and supplies to those in need. It took over 6 months to dig out and served as a way for people stuck in the towns of Dobrinja and Butmir to escape the siege. About 20 meters of tunnel remain today as a museum with documentaries and demonstrations to provide awareness into the longest running siege of any city in modern history.


Šibenik is a historic city in Croatia, located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. Šibenik is a political, educational, transport, industrial and tourist center of Šibenik–Knin County and also the third-largest city in the historic region of Dalmatia. It is the oldest native Croatian town on the shores of the sea.

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