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taxi šibenikTAXI ŠIBENIK
We offer our taxi service to our passengers 24 hours a day. The most affordable and the safest ride on the territory of Šibenik, Split and Zadar county.

We provide the service of transport for our passengers and their luggage to Split and Zadar airports, to Hotels or apartments, to the marine, or any other location at the lowest prices!

We organise VIP- transfers, if needed, with a licenced bodyguard, with complete anonymity to any destination in Europe.

TRAVEL WITH US TO: Šibenik, Zadar, Split, Vodice, Trogir, Biograd, Obonjan. National park Krka

WE GREET YOU AT: Split airport, Zadar airport, Ferry port Zadar, Spit, Šibenik, etc. or at any other location

The advantage of booking your taxi service in advance

Considering all other ways of transport, why not book online and in advance?
If you want to book a taxi ride and save some money at the same time, you should read this guide. Simply book online. By choosing the time of your ride on your phone or PC, you avoid the crowd and get a discount for ordering in advance. You will be carefree because you know that the service will be there on time.

Forget the hassle of dragging your luggage along the terminals, avoid looking for a taxi ride last minute, because in that way you will end up with the most expensive and most unreliable ride that will drive you around just to get more mileage on the taximeter. In order to get to your destination, the best solution is to book your taxi ride in advance.

Booking your taxi service in advance is for you, if:

– you want to get to your destination faster
– you want your taxi without the long wait
– you have a special kind of luggage
– you need a specific kind of vehicle
– you require a ride for a group
– you want a decent and standard price


Call us +385976783167