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In the heart of Croatia, whether you're navigating the bustling streets of Zagreb, exploring the historic charm of Šibenik, or soaking in the coastal beauty of Split, TAXI ŠIBENIK stands as your premier choice for business chauffeur and taxi services. Specializing in business travel, we extend our expertise across Šibenik, Split, Zadar, and Zagreb, ensuring that wherever you are in Croatia, a comfortable and stylish ride is just a booking away.


  • Extensive Service Range: From airport transfers, including Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and Venice City Airports, to city-wide travel, we have your transportation needs covered.
  • Tailored Vehicle Selection: Our diverse fleet, from saloons for individual travel to MPVs for group journeys, is at your disposal. Just share your needs, and we'll match you with the perfect ride.
  • Unmatched Corporate Experience: We're not just about getting you from A to B; we aim to elevate your business travel experience with impeccable service and utmost comfort.
  • Safety and Comfort: Your safety is our top priority. Our vehicles are rigorously checked for safety standards, ensuring a secure journey every time. Plus, our focus on comfort helps reduce travel stress, making your trip as enjoyable as possible.
  • Group Travel Solutions: Traveling with a team? Our minibus hire service caters to group travel, prioritizing ease, safety, and enjoyment for all members.

Chauffeur Excellence: At TAXI ŠIBENIK, we believe the journey is just as important as the destination. Our chauffeurs are more than drivers; they're your travel companions, ensuring a memorable and smooth journey. Each one brings experience, professionalism, and a friendly demeanor to enhance your travel experience.

Ready for a seamless, stress-free travel solution in Croatia?

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