Taxi Šibenik specializes in day trips and excursions to a diverse array of destinations.

Perfect for adventure seekers, our day trips emphasize coastal beauty, cultural landmarks, and natural marvels.

Our drivers are not only seasoned in passenger transport, ensuring safety, but also possess deep knowledge of your day trip destinations.

Feel free to seek recommendations or insights from them about your location. 

They're ready to assist, clarify doubts, and highlight must-see attractions. Our well-maintained and comfortable vehicles offer additional services like free Wi-Fi and child car seats for all ages.

Group travels are smoothly handled; just inform us about the number of passengers in advance.

Taxi Šibenik is also equipped to organize bus transportation for larger groups. 
Some destinations captivate with historical allure, others with modern marvels. Whether you seek serene natural escapes or vibrant, bustling scenes, Taxi Šibenik ensures a safe, efficient, and swift journey to your chosen locale.

Interested in Croatia's music festivals or private tours? 

Our website offers all the information you need on these services and more. At Taxi Šibenik, we align with our clients' aspirations, broadening our transport solutions and introducing unique services at unbeatable rates, with transparency at the core.

Our memorable transport services keep clients returning. 

For additional excursion and private trip options, consider our partner,
C.T.S. (Croatian Transfer Service).
For those traveling with pets, Taxi Šibenik welcomes your furry companions, offering suitable transport for a pleasant journey for both pets and owners.

Just inform us in advance if you're bringing pets.

If your desired destination isn't listed, don't hesitate to reach out at +385 91 513 4660