The Electric Elephant Festival is set to usher in a new era this year, with a significant change in venue that promises to enhance the overall festival experience. Moving to the picturesque village of Tisno, a location that may be familiar to many from the Garden Festival, the Electric Elephant Festival is poised to offer attendees more content and comfort than ever before. This shift to a new, improved venue underscores the festival's commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for its guests, blending the beauty of the Croatian coastline with an eclectic mix of music and entertainment.

Tisno, with its idyllic setting nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful Croatian landscape, offers the perfect backdrop for the festival. The village's natural charm and the warmth of its community make it an ideal location for a festival that seeks to create an intimate and immersive atmosphere. The new venue in Tisno not only provides a stunning setting but also allows for an expansion in the festival's offerings, promising more stages, a wider variety of performers, and enhanced amenities to ensure maximum comfort for all attendees.

While most performers are still to be announced (TBA), the anticipation and excitement remain high. The festival's history of curating a diverse lineup of talent, from established artists to emerging acts across various electronic genres, ensures that this year's edition will continue to deliver memorable musical moments. The involvement of UK DJs and promoters in organizing the festival brings a touch of expertise and an understanding of the dance music scene, promising a lineup that will captivate and entertain festival-goers from start to finish.

The Electric Elephant Festival's move to Tisno is not just a change of location; it represents a step forward in the festival's evolution, offering new possibilities for growth and the enhancement of the attendee experience. With its combination of stunning natural scenery, a carefully curated music lineup, and a focus on comfort and content, the festival is set to redefine what attendees can expect from a destination music event.

As details about the lineup and additional festival features are finalized, the excitement continues to build. The Electric Elephant Festival in Tisno is shaping up to be an unmissable event for fans of electronic music and those looking to experience the vibrant festival culture in one of Croatia's most beautiful locations. With its new venue and promise of more to come, the festival is poised to create an unforgettable experience for all who attend.